MYSTERIOUS                MIRAGE               unraveled…!!!  


                      Here begins..Manal Gopuramaaai…BY  JeevaNi                                


Eng Translation Support:                        Mr.Navin 

Based on a True Story of A Mad man……..Niranjan

Never mind………………………….. & his words….!!!


From the Land of Sands…. Bahrain….???


From the moment I was lying on my mother’s shoulder longing for milk to this point….of my life… 

I have listed down all the million dollar questions ….that have been bothering me to find the appropriate answer which I could not unfortunately….

There have been a lot of bitter-sweet moments in the past 38 years of my life having travelled from…… Kashmir to kanyakumari…..and now exploring the land of sand dunes….

I look behind ……tracing back every path and destination… drops trickle down my eyes spontaneously ….when I recollect my thoughts ,perching myself in the top floor of the spooky Jaleeli building…one day…!!! 

I’m sharing my experiences with my expatriates who are literally melting like candles here in the Middle East for the sake of their families’ well-being…

These passing clouds are filled with tears which are invaluable….



I need to be born as myself in my next re-birth in this planet itself…!!!

I must listen to the lilting lullabies lying down on my mother’s thighs…!!!

I want to clasp my father’s wrist and try to stand upright….!!!

I must make his dream about me come true at the earliest…!!!

I want to enjoy each and every moment of my school life….!!!

If someone wants to know about my close friend…..!!!

I want my teachers face to flash in my mind instantly….!!!

University doors must welcome me without demanding exorbitant fees….!!!

I need quality education to secure my future on firm ground….!!!

My love which was suppressed all along must break its silence….!!!

My treasured one must come on her own and reveal her true feelings for me without any apprehensions…!!!

My babies who are the apple of my eyes must sleep on my chest….!!!

I must cherish each and every moment of my life which is so precious….!!!

All my fellow beings must live in comfort and peace…!!!

Finally, for my soul to rest in peace….!!!

I just need a tiny place in this vast universe…to be with my family….!!!


Life is a painting which loses its luster and fades out in the time elapsed from the womb to the grave….!!!

If fellow human beings start embracing each other with affection, regardless of caste, creed and colour then that is indeed the golden era for this planet…!!!

Let the missiles and tanks go into inactive mode for the time being….!!! 

Let everyone’s life be a piece of history for the coming generations….!!!

Let every individual raise his hand for justice at least once in his life time…!!!

Let us rewrite our own fate through our actions and deeds….before the ink in our pen gets exhausted…!!!

If we trace back our memorable past…

More than a thousand unfulfilled desires could be unearthed…!!!

Let our experiences be a ready-reckoner for the next generation…!!!

The ink emanating from our pen is never a burden to the paper…!!!

It in-fact performs the role of a sculptor who is entrusted with the herculean task of shaping the young generation….!!!

Bestow love and affection amongst your family and friends…!!!

Bridge the gap in the different sections of the society through good will….!!!

Let friendship be celebrated by everyone in this planet…!!!

Let the future generation have a safe and comfort place to thrive in peace…!!!

It is not fair to prevent one from eating, having served a sumptuous feast on his plate …allowing the sale of tobacco

and liquor is equivalent to this…..!!!

Smoking and drinking are suicidal acts and must become nonexistent…!!!

Let the fire to be lit only to display affection and not for violence…!!!

You must become the change that you so badly want to happen…..!!!

Mirage begins…..

There were days when we used to loiter void of any worries fulfilling our dreams and desires…..

Today we are toiling in the deserts compromising ourselves….

Iam able to see hundreds of hearts in despair with no soul to console them from their depression due to the pangs of separation…

Hindi, Tamil , Malayalam, Telugu,might be their mother tongue for their kids, yet it is a disgrace that they are not able to converse fluently in their own respective Mother tongue…..!!!

They visit their home town once in two years as if it were a tourist destination…now situation got changed…Iam rewinding almost 18 years back…

This scenario is not only prevalent in the middle east but in the land of opportunity… max of middle east…US well…

Even as I wonder whether these peoples are sand towers or snow sculptures….!!!

I wish I could unravel a mysterious mirage before you….

Here u go…!!!

The  flowers that bloom in the bank can never understand the pain of the petals that travel along the course of a flowing brook…….!!!

The fish that thrive in ponds can never imagine the pain of the fish due to the ponding water in the threshold of a waterfall….!!!

We need a society without any inequalities due to caste, creed, status…

If we could preserve the experiences of the wise and elderly within our society, we would get so many great leaders from within and we need not search for them in the pages of history….


Several such leaders are in fact living in every neighborhood without any funfair and publicity….

As darkness surround the society in the form of evils like greed, poverty, natred, and such leaders….. should involve themselves actively in the betterment of the neighbourhood and upliftment of the downtrodden….

Just like the environmentalists panic about the dwindling tigers and tigress and polar bears the affluent sections should wake up to the struggles of the economically weaker segment….

At times of natural disasters like the tsunami people tend to loose faith in god wondering as to why must good and innocents be penalized for no fault of theirs…..?????????????????

Instead of reasoning out logically we must do our best to console the families who have lost their near and dear ones in such mishaps’…. no one declares what comes next in what shape….!!!

The only sure fire remedy for terrorism to be eradicated from the face of our planet is by spreading wings of brotherhood amongst everybody in your immediate vicinity…..

Worship starts from home… from parents to kids and proceed to the school and then workplace and so on….!!!!

Not even a single soul could deviate from the path of righteousness due to the lack of proper guidance at home or school…


Even though 12 years have elapsed, the international airport on Chennai was flooded with readers and patrons of the outlook magazine.

This like-minded group was waiting frantically to catch a glimpse of the famed author NIRANJINI…????

Who is he……????

What he is….???

What’s his Goal…???





I want my feelings to be given weight age at least once in a whole….!!!

I want at least one solitary individual to listen to my words towards the change…!!!

I want my path to be clear of any thorns and I want to travel in a vehicle fitted with a siren at least once in my lifetime….!!!

To save so many soles in despair I first need to be a person with human characteristics’…!!!

I want an enthralled audience gathering to watch me lecture….!!!

I must make it to the front page of top dailies at least once…..!!!

My life in spite of having its own share of blunders, must still serve as a lesson for everybody…!!!

The future generation should glide along with ease in their path towards success…!!!

The aircraft was getting ready to land and even as the crowd was getting a bit impatient……an ambulance alarmed and rushed on towards runway at breakneck speed…..!!!



A Novel by Jeevani…  Based on true incidence 80/20 ….

In the globe this streach of desert might be a tiny dot mark, but in fact it has been a turning point in the lives of so many desperate individuals who were labelled as born losers in their home town…

After being called by distinctive names like Tylos, Delmon, and Awal this island nation has finally been rechristened as Bahrain which literally means the convergence of two seas….

Both in size and population it is less than even Singapore..

In fact its radius of 40000sq kilometres is less than greater Chennai….

Journey towards….

The sole reason for me to step inside these sand dunes was the outlook magazine….

 Al though I was initially a bit reluctant I had to do this to unfold a mystery that confronted me…

As if to support the above statement unconditionally…..

A letter which was written by niranjan several years back is unearthed…..

This letter has sparked off a huge controversy….


Because of a mixed opinion prevailed amongst people about niranjan …

According to them niranjan used to be normal but suddenly he might lose his temper and even go to the extent of scribbling his views on the walls….!!!

If he witnesses a quarrel between two then he would take the trouble of reconciling both of them…!!!

Without accomplishing his task he would not go to sleep…!!!

He who believes that this might be the birth place of terrorism…!!!

Even if he tried to go to sleep he would still be lamenting all through the night…!!!

His sphere of concern for such types of sensitive issues extended from his family to neighbourhood and finally neighbouring countries….!!!

He started to worry about the taliban problems in pakistan and spreaded worldwide….

With his lectures about peace and brotherhood he started to spoil the sleep of all those in his immediate vicinity….

He was too a part time writer to the out looks magazine….

He used to openly condemn the all effects of smoking and tobacco chewing and would even go to the extent of arguing for an immediate ban on tobacco by the government and if that would not materialize in the near future… he would want the shops to refrain from selling any form of tobacco…!!!


He used to substantiate his statement by saying that in order to provide employment for a few thousands…Promoting tobacco sales through negative marketing….High RENTAL display in Markets…Tobacco totally not justified as it was directly affecting millions and in the process indirectly affecting their families as well which is really pathetic issue that demands immediate attention from the discerning NGO groups……if the product can be sold in a open forum …then what is the use of banding ….to smoke outside….. Bachelor rooms & pregnant ladies are the innocents who struggle in most of the places….as smoking on street is an offence….It adds thrill to Tobacco users… shifting back to home & work place…toilets…etc…etc…etc…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! War begins….????


WAIT…………  will be back soooooooooonnn……???????



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