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06 August 2015: MPs get a room to smoke, activists tell Speaker it breaks your law

A designated smoking area for MPs inside Parliament has raised the hackles of anti-tobacco activists. A health institute involved in fighting against tobacco has written to the Lok Sabha Speaker saying the definition of a public place as laid down in the anti-tobacco Act would include Parliament, hence the decision to allow MPs to smoke violates the law.

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15 July 2015: House panel meets anti-tobacco activists on pictorial warnings

Ahead of the monsoon session in Parliament, the parliamentary committee on subordinate legislation that was instrumental in deferring larger pictorial warnings in packs of all tobacco products called on civil society for consultations on the matter. However, the committee failed to arrive at a consensus with civil society pressing for 85% pictorial warning on packs of all tobacco products, sources, who attended the meeting, said. Representatives from several public health groups including Public Health Foundation of India, Voluntary Health Association of India and Indian Cancer Society made detailed presentation before Committee on Subordinate Legislation highlighting some of the key issues and facts related to consumption of tobacco.

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03 July 2015: Rajasthan High Court directs Indian government to implement bigger smoking warnings

Rajasthan High Court has directed the Indian government to immediately implement a rule for bigger health warnings on tobacco packaging, months after the measure was put on hold pending a report from a parliamentary panel. With the aim of reducing tobacco consumption, India last year said 85 percent of a cigarette packet’s surface should be covered in warnings, up from about 20 percent now. The directive also extended to other tobacco products. The government in March deferred the implementation of the rule as a parliamentary panel said it was still reviewing how the industry would be impacted.

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