Who & What are we…???


The KYTE INDIA …Social welfare association for a Smoke free India is making the transition to a staffed organization operating its office at Lovland – Mecode – Kaliyakkavilai – Kanyakumari to facilitate the process & to centralize the Operation towards expanding its activities through various network….tied up with social networks.

Plans also include the hiring of a full-time Administrator to attend official calls & to respond all queries.

KYTE India scheduled to hit the Hearts by end of October through Monthly Magazines, Awareness campaigns, Exhibitions etc….


Centralized Kanyakumari as Home town.

The operation will spread across India by stepping towards each & every Districts having a set of Dedicated volunteers.

The KYTE India – Social welfare association for a Smoke-free India will:

  • Provide school-based programs to educate children through smoke prevention activities.
  • Conducting Exhibitions…demo etc…
  • Help youth to recognize that they are the targets of tobacco advertising.
    ( Don’t get shock to learn that tobacco companies pay stores a monthly fee for all… in-store tobacco displays. Add on charges to display near the counter…!!! )
  • Enhance the present Foundation websites, and offer smokers online resources to help them quit successfully…tied up with De-addiction centers.
  • Design Public Service Announcements (PSAs) with celebrities to send powerful anti-smoking messages to youth…..( Need to seek the help of Youth Actors to come out & volunteer the same for a social cause…These will be shown in movie theaters among previews…)
  • Establish an anti-smoking campaign for Universities and Colleges, which will include posters, tobacco-free days, and educational speakers on campus…during free hours.
  • Implement programs to encourage Specialty Doctors to take a proactive role with their smoking patients, to intervene and ask them to quit…making them understand the seriousness.
  • The outcome expected from this comprehensive campaign will be to reduce smoking and tobacco use among youth by at least 15% at the end of 3 years.
  • By the end of the first year, the Foundation expects to have raised sufficient funds to support 4 full time staff members, establish an Advisory Board and a Youth Board, provide at least 50 speaking engagements at high schools and universities, research and purchase educational materials for high schools, mail flyers to Legislators and contact celebrities to appear in PSAs to be run in movie houses among the previews.An outside evaluator will be hired to evaluate the effectiveness of the activities and programs proposed.Process and outcome measures will be evaluated, and changes will be made to the program accordingly.Differently abled people will be part of the counseling program…& interacts within the community….to strengthen the Operation…Separate page to evaluate their efficiency level in organizing events etc.
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  • Action against Smoking is a Health conscious (KYTE India ) with a vision …To end up the worldwide deadly disease CANCER caused by tobacco & Drugs by creating district level awareness campaigns to yield results to a world free of tobacco-related damage, disease and death.This is accomplished by taking severe action by the public and decision makers to track the tobacco industry, and work only to save lives instead of doing a profit share business with multinational Tobacco Companies…KYTE India works closely with its Volunteers to ensure that the public health community addresses…the needs of students getting addict with Tobacco & Drugs.
  • KYTE INDIA injects the confident to the next generation to overcome TOBACCO usage…



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