What has given birth to KYTE….???



From the Founder & National Organizers Desk ……..What has given birth to KYTE….???

The Social welfare  & Association based on Lovland , Kanyakumari, India. 


(Kite Youth Tobacco Erasers) stepped into its operation with the support of youth followers & volunteers across India to analyse the root cause mass disaster Tobacco ruling millions of students.

The success of selling Tobacco… by yielding marginal profits to sellers & Crores turnover for business heads… by achieving their set Targets & Budgets across various network… even knowing that it’s the mass disaster of 5 million peoples death every year across the World…from which India witnessing 6 lacks above death every year… All the Cancer Centers are rush… How many CANCER Institutes we require by 2020…???

We are trying to cure instead of focusing to Prevent…!!!

I had Experienced Smoking years & years ..understanding & analyzing..I feel maximum % of smokers dose …Not smoke because of Will…..Just  for a THRILL…???

Where does the Thrill come from….??? Street to street…shop to shop…home based business…of selling Tobacco…

My dear Society…our own brother & sisters are consuming the same & dyeing for life..dose not stops…lots of innocent too dies…new born babies are getting affected due to the MOM breaths the smoke of Tobacco….????

Do a TV scrolling, Movie slide, Cancer awareness campaigns will solve the upcoming issues where the conversion from male smokers stands stable & female ratio increases day by day…!!!

Where is the problem….???

Tsunami, Flight crash, Train accidents, Bus accidents, Bike accidents, Suicide,Terrorism are highlighted in all social medias & Magazines on a daily basic …where we end up saying faith.

Knowing that Tobacco lead to Cancer & Cause Deadly decease …which not only kills the person who consumes but also affect his loved once spouse, kids, friends & the society …..Still …lots of Tobacco factories, projects coming out with lot colourful branding with a safe guard indication (TOBACCO KILLS)

Can we STOP SELLING TOBACCO….????  Please Find some graceful business…..!!! To save lives..!!! Save our Nation….!!!! Please mail  ( kyteindia@gmail.com )

KYTE is here to understand the ground reality  …!!!

KYTE trying to erase the stamped remark of YOUTH by guiding & helping them not to get into evil instead playing a most matured roll to help their Friends, Parents & Relatives.

A survey says that most of them start smoking before 18 age… if so ..What are the safety precautions can be taken to help them on or before 18 age to come out of the same issue.

Let’s try to be the roll model…!!!

Let’s give up our hands together to our beloved students around us, our home, our village, our society & our Nation…with a mindset to convince at least 1 life in 1 year. 1 : 1 Mantra.

Is it possible for the Medias & Magazines to highlight approximate death / day due to Tobacco & Drugs…by tracking out…& highlight the same every day with the same interest as road accidents , suicides etc…

Cancer death due to Tobacco & Drugs can be collected from various Hospitals & the collective data can be highlighted & to be shared on a daily basis…

Is it possible for the Educational board to set a subject which indicates the evil of Tobacco?

Hope the process is going on…but then… how long..???

Statuary warning in cigarette boxes will end up in thrill…

Once he comes to the extension of buying it….nothing matters…

KYTE comes out with a confident to prove that YOUTHS ARE NOT AT ALL THE ROOT CAUSE….of this deadly business…Our society is forcing them to do so with various network… Movies, Corner to corner Tobacco selling Shops, Imported brands, Attractive colours, Different flavours…etc…etc…etc….

KYTE is born with a positive attitude with the trust on youth after doing a very small survey… Most of them are not so happy for smoking….!!! NEVER WONDER.

They got into that due to thrill….!!!

Where does the thrill come from…..???

Where is the problem….???

Production of Tobacco…???

Distribution of Tobacco….???

Consumption of Tobacco….???

A survey says that India is the second largest Tobacco producing factory in the World.

A survey says that India is the second largest Tobacco producing factory in the World.
HYDERABAD: A sharp rise in the manufacture and export of tobacco in the last two months has led India to be the second largest producer and third largest exporter of tobacco in the world, a statement issued by the Tobacco Board said.

During the months July-August this year, exports of manufactured or raw tobacco and tobacco products increased by 45% in quantity terms to over 39,000 tons compared to the same period last year. India exported tobacco worth Rs 628 crore during July-August.

KYTE volunteers visit Schools to understand & helping them to come out of the THRILL and to say NO TO TOBACCO & DRUGS for life.

Mr.Jeeva (Founder & National organizer) has spoken with various schools with 1000 s of students…with a common message by requesting students to save their parents, Give a chance for them to take ownership….Respect their initiatives. …Helping them to come out of Tobacco & Drugs with a Dream theme….

A home A volunteer…. Y not U…!!!


Mr. Jeeva was partly motivated by the deaths of his family members from tobacco & Drugs use, and partly by his 1 year old son ( Lovlin Leo ) picked up the broken pieces of cigarettes….!!!

After a deep brief today a 6 years old boy Lovlin Leo turned upside down…!!!

I had noted that, “When his grandfather smokes he hold & force him to quit even , he did not know that smoking causes lung disease, heart disease and cancer.

He has a question …???

Dad if Tobacco is not so good then…….!!!!

Why do they sell…???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Dad …Why do they produce….???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

If Millions of beloved Kids& Students across India comes out with the same query…Can we stop producing Tobacco….???..SOO HARD …I KNOW

But its not so hard to STOP SELLING TOBACCO…..!!!

I want students to wake up & understand how addictive and poisonous cigarettes are.”….????

Hope upcoming generation  avoid  usage of Tobacco little by little ….for a Smoke free Country India…& shop keepers come with a mindset to STOP SELLING & STOP KILLING….!!!






Jeeva. R.D  

Founder & National Organizer.

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